Admission Criteria

We admit patients over the age of 18, (subject to individual assessment we may be able to admit patients who are 17) that require long term specialist care as a result of a neurological condition. We provide specialised care to those who may be in altered states of consciousness – we employ a highly trained multi-disciplinary team who are able to assess and treat a wide range of clinical management issues that this patient group presents. This includes disability management, spasticity and postural management, communication and swallowing difficulties and pressure sore healing and prevention.

Each patient is individually assessed prior to admission and a personal care plan programme devised to meet their needs. Generally these patients have suffered either a traumatic or acquired brain injury, stroke, spinal cord injury or other neurological condition.

We offer a very human approach to recovery. Care and medical attention are just the beginning of the journey.

Altered States of Consciousness

Often referred to as a minimally aware state, these patients present unique challenges in their day to day care needs. We specialise in the care of this patient group ensuring patient centred care is delivered with dignity to manage their on-going condition and to prevent longer term complications through effective disability management.

Tracheostomy Care

Patients with tracheostomies require specialist nursing care to reduce the complications associated with long term tracheostomy use. Our Nurses, care practitioners and senior care assistants receive intensive competency based training to ensure their day to day care is safe, effective and responsive to the patients needs, reducing the likelihood of respiratory tract infection and other complications.

Patients who are ventilator dependent

We have become a leading provider of specialist care, to patients who require ventilated support in the community, once discharged from a hospital’s intensive care unit. All staff working with these patients undergo intensive competency based training to ensure safe, effective and responsive care.

Neuro Rehabilitation

Highfield House currently offers 8 level 2 neuro-rehabilitation beds for patients with a neurological condition. Individualised programmes are devised and implemented based on patient’s needs and goals. A wide range of rehabilitation professionals are available, including a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, clinical psychology, dietetics and nursing staff.

Neuro Palliative Care

We are accredited with the Gold Standards Framework for End of Life Care and provide neuro palliative care in a compassionate and professional manner to ensure the optimal comfort of patients at end of life. We work closely with external professionals from local hospices and families to ensure a comfortable, pain free and dignified death.